Last night was great.  Really great.  I’ll probably tell you about it when I get back, but for now I miss this:




(Although I must say that this is not actually my house.  This is what we walked into at Seth’s parents house when I came to fetch them after work).

Yes.  Despite the mess, the lack of sleep and all the rest of the other little things that are difficult about parenting I miss my little people oh so much and I can’t wait to scoop each one of them up into my arms and hug and kiss them till they scream in irritation.  Cos that’s how much I love them.  And I’ve learnt that the best way to get them to show that they love you back, is to be all up in their face and shower them with love till they can’t stand it anymore.

I love them all.  Very, very much.

So we’re off to the mountains to pick up our littles from their fun night with the ducks.  We’ll probably stay out that way for supper to make the day really worth it, and I can’t wait.  Seth even took an afternoon off work for it, so we might actually see some day light hours while we are out there.

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