One Night Of Freedom – But What The Heck To Do With It?!

Guys, tonight we are going to have one whole night to ourselves.  One whole entire night.  With not one child.

I’m so excited that I might just do a back flip.  But I can’t, so I won’t.  But believe me when I tell you that the Cindy in my head is doing back flips and some bad dance moves right now.

Don’t get me wrong.  I flipping adore my kids.  I really do.  But these couple of months have been insane.  Insane I tell you.

You don’t believe me?  Check out these snaps I took yesterday morning.




Aren’t they absolutely edible in all their sleeping glory.  Well, they would be even more amazing if they were in their own beds.  You see, this is what our bed looks like pretty much every night.  Incase you’re wondering, my place is where that pillow is…  Right on the edge of the bed.  And blah to you if you say I should put them back in their own beds, blah I say!  Putting them back into their own beds entails sitting in the freezing cold while they fall back to sleep (which takes forever).  I know this because I have tried it.  Over and over again and all I got out of it was less sleep and cold toes.  Anyway I digress.  What was I talking about again.  Oh yes…


What to do with this night of freedom is really the question that I am pondering and have been thinking about (pretty much continuously) since I found out we would be all alone for a night.

Should we:

  • Come home, put our feet up, order takeaway and put on a movie.  Never having to get up once to replace a dummy in a screaming baby mouth.
  • Come home and just sit there, staring at the wall because we totally can and there’s nothing there to stop us (except maybe boredom).
  • Come home and fall asleep at 8 PM then sleep all the way through till the next morning, without any little feet in my back or hands pulling my nose.
  • Come home and watch every single episode of every series that we have until we just pass out (probably at 9PM).

Oh the possibilities.

(I joke on the above.  I am totally going to milk ever last second of having my handsome man all to myself.  I’m thinking dinner, movie and ice cream!  Too normal?  Maybe for you, but I think the last movie that we actually saw at the box office was Avengers…  For reals yo…)

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