A Moment Of Reflection That Made Me Giggle

Last night, as I sat pondering what to write about, an image flashed on my screen of a very tiny little Riya that I added to Instagram a while ago.  I couldn’t help but catch my breath a little because for a moment, I almost couldn’t tell the difference between her and the other two.

Then I went back and compared them all at roughly the same age of 9 months.  Then I just sat there with a silly grin on my face and a heart filled with so much love for these 3 poppets.

I can’t believe how similar they all look!!  It’s just crazy.  But when you look for long enough (and have a trained eye after staring at them every day) it’s quite easy for me to spot the difference.  Although I can’t say it helps much when I try and call them, I nearly always have to go through the list.  “Kyla, uh I mean Knox, flip I mean Riya don’t do that!  Riya, um Spartan, uh, Kyla, darn it I mean Knox stop that.”  You get the picture.

Let’s start with Riya, uh I mean Kyla.  For starters she definitely had the most hair – just look at those pigtails!  And those blue eyes.  (Side note, look at all Seth’s piercings.  Kind of glad they’re all gone now).




Riya was already almost walking by this point.  Pulling herself up on anything and everything.  But there is just so much of Knox in her smile.

P1140470 P1140425


And Knox still has no teeth and doesn’t seem remotely interested in crawling or walking right now.  He is talking by shouting at us to get our attention.  It is just the cutest thing ever.



Besides melting my heart.  These photos have made me remember something that is so easy to forget.  These crazy difficult times that we’ve been facing of sickness, lice, busyness, sickness, sleeplessness, sickness, crying and tantrums all eventually end.  And they get bigger.  And those little things that used to bug you are gone (and now there are new ones in their place).

But really.  It goes so quickly and this was just a reminder to me that although it’s flipping hard sometimes to be parents to tiny tots, the time actually goes so quickly that soon I’ll be begging to have these early years with them again.


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