A Tale About Opportunities And How They Destroyed My Kitchen

One thing I struggle to do is say no (unless I am talking to my children in which case I have nooooo problem).  Don’t you agree that “yes” just rolls of the tongue better and has the added value of generally tending to make everyone else happy too?

Sooo anyway, I was given this opportunity to write an article for an online magazine…

I know right.  Flipping awesome!  Especially because it could potentially become a regular feature (only a small maybe).  And let’s not kid ourselves, as much as I have no desire to be a writer, this kind of thing is too cool to pass up.  And here’s a massive thank you to Jo for giving them my deets, I don’t know what made you think of me, but know that I really appreciate it!

I thought about telling you exactly what this entails, but I don’t really want to mention the name of it and what I’m doing, until it is actually published.  All you need to know is that I have to provide these cool people with about 5 different crafts that are relatively easy and sometimes involve food.  We all know that as much as I pin about 1000 kids crafts to my Pinterest boards, I never actually follow through with any of it at home, because seriously “ain’t nobody got time for that!”.

Hence why I don’t want to really talk about it.  I’m scared that once they see my ideas they may run around screaming at each other for not making a back up plan.  Goodness I hope that they have a back up plan!

Nevertheless we spent all of our rainy Saturday putting together and implementing 4 very messy crafts.  My kids didn’t know what on Earth was happening – they were in painting/creating heaven!  I don’t think we had ever done so much stuff together in their whole lives.

OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it’s definitely more than we’ve done since Knox arrived.  Besides it being totally crazy because I was trying to shove 5 different things into one day, we had lots of fun and made a lot of cool little arty things.  Which is exactly what I needed.  Is it even possible to have too much kids art?!  (The answer, is yes.  Yes it is.  If you want proof of this you are welcome to pop over and see what I mean!)


They say that the best way to remove paint is to lick it off…  Oh no wait, that’s not right…IMG_3174


Besides my kids not knowing what hit them, my kitchen didn’t know what hit it either…  Thank goodness for our new table in the kitchen thing, I can’t even imagine how we would have done this if it was still in the lounge!



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