Did You Have A Good Fat Friday?!

What’s that you say? What on Earth is Fat Friday?  Let me tell you.

Fat Friday is possibly the most looked forward to day of our week.  (Except for Saturday and Sunday of course.  Unlike all those stupid songs rambling about how awesome Friday is and that they want every day to be Friday, I’m smarter than you… If every day was Friday you’d have to work EVERYDAY and that would just suck!   But then again if everyday was Fat Friday, maybe it would be more bearable and appealing.)

I digress.  I know.  But combine food and weekends into the same spot in my brain and I just go a little crazy.

Fat Friday is the only day that we allow ourselves to have take out, sit back and watch a movie (now that we are all healthy and stuff).  Although for the last 4 Fridays we have only been able to shove take-out down our throats while sitting next to crying children, or while cuddling them back to sleep for the hundredth time that evening, only to finally give up and get into bed at 8pm.

But still, a night eating take-out and dealing with the difficult side of parenting, far beats a night without it!  Especially if it’s followed with ice-cream.  Because ice-cream can cure any kind of problem.

Last night was no different – I think Knox is brewing another ear infection while teething without any teeth actually coming out.  While sitting there debating whether I should just break down and cry I remembered this song we saw on Flight of the Conchords ages ago and I couldn’t help but laugh.

This is the song.  If you can’t view it in your reader, do yourself a favour and check it out (and then the rest of their videos too).


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