That’s The Last Time I Use The Tablet

There I was feeling all sorry for myself and things, writing emo posts and saving them to maybe post later.  And there it went…  Right out into the interwebs for all to see.  I feel so exposed.


Damn this tablet, damn it to heck.

That is the last time I will be using the tablet to write posts.  I promise.

Also, now that I have had a night filled with Milo, Nik Naks and a bit of sleep I am starting to feel much better about today.  Especially after all the love and support that I have received from my amazing friends and family who have reminded me that this is just a phase and this too shall pass.  I know it will, I just kind of wish it would happen a bit sooner.


I found these pictures of the time that we went to 3 parties in one day!  I still can’t believe that I subjected them (or myself) to this, but we did and we survived, and actually it was loads of fun!

We first attended a play at the Waldorf school in Constantia.  It was quite awesome for the girls to experience this fun morning, and despite the Red Riding Hood story being the real scary one where she was eaten, they seemed to enjoy it.  (We tone the story down a lot.  Red Riding Hood screamed and her Daddy with big muscles like their Daddy came and smacked the wolf on his bum, and that was the last time they ever saw the wolf.  Much better I think, plus they know that Daddy is always there to protect them.)



Seth was super excited to be there as you can see…



Then it was off to a Princess Party where they spent most of the time entertaining their brother and jumping on the jumping castle.





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