Damn You Murphy!!

I knew I shouldn’t have said it.

I just knew it.

You know I bragged in my post the other day that for the first time in forevs none of the offspring were sick.  I just had to say it.  And that Murphy guy must have heard it loud and clear because it ended as quickly as it started.

Knox spent the whole of the night before last night being miserable and then the whole of yesterday too.  Eventually we rushed him to the Doc after he screamed for 15 minutes without seeming to take a breath.  (I guess for some that’s normal, but my dude is normally so happy when he’s well, that we just know when there’s something wrong with him when he’s not).  The Doc was able to see us straight away – thank goodness, and it turns out that he has a raging ear infection!  Like really!  Has this poor kid not been through enough?!

So he was immediately dosed with pain meds and another lot of antibiotics.  What the flip?!  3 lots of antibiotics in the last 2 months.  That cannot be right.  But I agreed, because it’s the only thing that will take this awful pain out of his ear the fastest.  Do any of you have any advice with this kind of thing?

Last night was not that much better, but hopefully today he will start feeling less pain and start being his usual self again.  And to have a little selfish moment (because everything is totally always about me) – that I can get just a little bit of a break.

Hope your Wednesdays are treating you better than Mr Knox’s.




2 thoughts on “Damn You Murphy!!

  1. I would consider taking him to an osteopath or a homeopath so they can find the root cause for the sicknesses… That the crap thing with antibiotics, they kill everything, to body is left with no defense against secondary infections. Also try Biostrath as an immune booster. I really hope he gets better soon, poor little guy xx

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