They Say The Funniest Things

Do you ever over analyse your children?  I should probably be more specific.  Every time they do something, like take a keen interest in the names of trees it crosses my mind that they could become botanists.  It changes all the time, and too be honest I don’t really care what they become later in life but one thing I know they could always fall back on is being comedians.



Here are little snippets of random conversations that I have witnessed recently:

You probably know The Marching Song to be “Up two, three, four”.  But clearly that version is dull and boring, and doesn’t involve nearly as much action as the new version, “Up, down, three, four”.

We recently converted the girls beds into bunkbeds to make more space in their room for all their toys that were taking up valuable space in the lounge.  And because we bought them as bunkbeds Seth was dying to put it together for as long as we’ve had them, but he only managed to convince Kyla (and I) now that it was a good idea.  Obviously Kyla needs to be at the top, because Ri would find a way to fall down, especially when she sneaks or more commonly, stomps into our room in the middle of the night.  So after that bit of background the next two will make more sense:

Riya tried to jump on her bed.  When that obviously didn’t work and she whacked her head on the bottom of Kyla’s bunk, she shouted, “Ouch, my kopinosity!

Riya had managed to slip coming down the ladder earlier in the morning, so Kyla went to the top and showed Ri how to climb down – in detail.  Where to put her hands, where to put her feet, to be careful of the duvet so you don’t slip etc.  She gets to the bottom, puts her hand on Riya’s arm and says, “It’s real high and difficult to climb down, but you no have to be scared“.  Too cute for words!

If you are friends with me on Facebook you may have seen this one before, but it is my new favourite.  Riya was eating pasta when it fell all the way down her new clean top.  She looked down at it, then said, “Are you kidding me?!”   Then a couple of days later, I dropped something on the floor in her room while I was trying to put her to sleep.  In my frustration I said, “Seriously?!” and with perfect timing she pipes up, “Are you kidding me?!”.

They have these dolls that go with them everywhere and do everything with them.  They each have a little song that has something to do with caring and sharing.  Riya’s dolls song goes something like this, “Please and thank you, please and thank, sounds so nice, sounds so nice, Manners are important, manners are important, be polite, be polite.”  Great huh!  Anyway, Riya’s super awesome version goes a little something like this, “Please and thank you, please and thank you, four four nine, four four nine.  Manners are portant, manner are portant, be po-pite, be po-pite.”

Although we have finally decided to stay in our house for the longer term than we originally thought and have now made peace with that, Seth is still happy to look at other potential properties.  So on Sunday afternoon on the way home from the shop, Kyla points to a house and shouts, “That house is for sailing Daddy!”.

Goodness I love these girls so much!

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