Was That A Weekend We Just Had? (LWW)

Hi ho there everyone!  Have a good weekend?

We had a weekend.  I think.  It was mostly spent cuddling a very sick little man, making copious amounts of bottles, changing about a thousand sheets that had been vomited on, and just generally trying to survive.  So pretty much like every other weekend, except we kept all of the to ourselves and didn’t share it with the rest of the world by venturing out our doors.

Basically the just of it is that all our babies are sick.  They have been for about a week now.  The girls are slowly starting to get better, but Mr Knox has taken a turn for the worst.  Sounds dramatic, but I was seriously on the verge of rushing to the emergency room all weekend.  Because the girls are always all up in his business, he had been a little chesty for a couple of days but nothing too serious. I took him to the Doc on Thursday afternoon anyway just to make sure it wasn’t his ears or throat or something – it wasn’t.  So I went home pretty confident that we were all on the mend and with our new measures in place (finally got them prescribed to use Alecet) we would not be seeing these stupid bugs again this Winter.

But by Friday night I had to cuddle Knox pretty much continuously to stop him freaking out or vomiting.  If he lay down anywhere close to an hour after his food, it all came straight back up, followed by very, very runny nappies.  By Saturday he was just lying there, hardly even an inkling of his normally cheerful self.  Just lying there, tired no matter how much he managed to sleep and just generally thinner and quieter than ever.  Every time I looked at him I almost burst into tears.  I don’t know why I didn’t take him to the Doctor at this point, but for some reason we decided against it.  I think it’s partially just not wanting to admit that he was that bad.

Sunday morning he had perked up a little, still vomiting and pooping like crazy but there was a little bit more of a light in his eyes again.  We managed to get him to drink quite a bit of rehydrate and keep some bottle down – so at least that was a win.  But seriously.  No amount of kids ever actually prepares you  for this kind of thing, every time they are sick it’s like I am a new parent again, not knowing what the heck to do.  Second guessing everything and just generally feeling useless and helpless.

But I am feeling mildly more positive today, mostly because as you read this I will be on my way to the Doctor with the little guy to know what’s up with him.

Sooooo here’s hoping that things become a little bit more happy around these here Alfino parts.  Cos seriously as much I adore all the sweet cuddles, squeezing him tight and being wanted by him, a little unbroken sleep with no little people in my bed would be welcomed right now.

Seeing as the post is all about this awesome little dude, here is some pictures of him doing his modelling thing about a week ago. He seems to have been a bit tired – judging by all the yawning, but he is just too cute for words!


Clothes from: Jacket from Woolies, random white vest probably from Ackermans, Jeans with suspenders from Woolies and ShoeShoos (We had these for the girls and they were AMAZING!)



baby boy clothes


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