Is That Snot On My Shoulder?

Jeepers people, this week has been a killer.

ALL the kids have been sick.  But after a couple of trips to the Doc I think we have finally figured out how to keep theses stupid germs away.  Well here’s hoping anyway.

Knox is probably the worst of all right now.  Constantly wanting cuddles and attention, that I am totally willing to give, but the girls are less willing to give up.  Nevertheless, I can now see that the “man flu” seems to start when boys are born.  He is just soooo sick you guys.  He looks so sorry for himself all the time.  To be honest, despite all the excess of snot in our house, I really am enjoying all the extra cuddles that I am able to get.

It’s the weekend though.  And everything gets better on the weekend.  Especially when you can rock it out like this monkey.



Have a great one guys!


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