My First Mothers Day Concert

Happy mothers day to all you Mommies out there! For those of you who don’t celebrate it, happy Sunday to you!!  We will probably be spending the day a little like we did last year… Except that I’m not pregnant and we will probably not go on any boat trips.  So maybe nothing like last year except that we will have lunch outside of our house.


Seeing as it’s Mother’s Day, it’s probably fitting that my first post for you – after being absent for so long to study for my exam (did you miss me?), is one about my first Mother’s Day concert that the girls did for me at their school.  One of the things that I absolutely love about our school is that they really make the effort to do these awesome things for their kids and parents.  Which is even cooler if you are a single parent, at least you’re guaranteed that you don’t have to make yourself everything that you receive on Mother’s Day.

I can’t even express to you in words how excited I was to go to this concert.   Definitely not because I expected my kids to steal the show (which they totally did) but because it’s a chance for me to see how they are in this foreign world that I have no influence in or control over.  What an experience it was! I got the opportunity to meet a lot of the Mom’s of the kids that my kids talk about all the time and a chance to see how my kids interacted with their teachers and friends. Or didn’t interact is probably more accurate.

Do you want to hear about every facet of the morning?! I bet you do! So here it is…  If you don’t, just scroll through the pictures – I don’t mind.

The morning started off well enough – I managed to get the girls to school on time – always a great start to the day! After dropping them off in their respective classes, I went and found myself a spot to sit and study in for the next hour or so, because (if you missed it) I had exam at 2pm the very same day.  I managed to secure the cute bench that I pass everytime I fetch the kids, and so I made myself comfortable.  (It’s the one above that cute little sign in the first picture.  Also apparently it’s a swing and not a bench according to Seth, but to me it’s just a bench that happens to swing…)

After a while I noticed that I wasn’t really soaking in any of the knowledge of the words that I was reading…  I think it was then that I realised that my teeth were chattering so badly that my whole head was moving and I may have lost the functions of my toes.  Cold is kind of an understatement of what it was like out there, possibly the most accurate term would be Arctic .. Thankfully they had thought ahead and put out tea and coffee things for all those Mom’s that had it all together and got to places early…  I was even more pleased that there was no one there.

Anyway, I managed to stumble over there with frozen feet and fumble some coffee into a cup.  Drinking it was like a little slice of heaven.  Feeling the warmth spread all through my icey body was just amazeballs!

Then it was time to secure myself a badly positioned seat to see Kyla’s show.  When she came down from her class she kind of acknowledged me with a half smile and then clung to her only friend.  This is the only friend that Kyla ever talks about.  Ever.  This girl and the boy who hit her (she has forgiven him and now sometimes says that she is going to marry him one day – oh dear!). She participated like a champ and really did all the moves that they were doing – I was so chuffed and impressed by her!  I couldn’t believe it though, I really expected her to shy into the background or refuse to do it like the brief stint we had with ballet.  But there she was dancing her little heart out, riding horses and cleaning off mud.  It was so very precious.  I did wonder if she did so well because she just ignored the fact that I was there at all.  She maybe looked at me like twice…





After the show we went up to her classroom and made iced biscuits.  I tried talking to her but she was just so mute that getting any kind of interaction from her was like talking to a wall.  So strange and opposite to how she is at home.  But I guess it can be quite nerve wrecking when your Mom is in your school space and you’re not really even sure of yourself when you’re alone in that space.




I left her and joined Riya in her class to do our little arts and crafts which involved decorating a butterfly.  She was totally the opposite, showing me everything, shouting for the glitter and glue, grabbing the feathers and generally causing a glorious mess – just like she would at home.  There was glitter everywhere and it was great.  I love glitter.  Seemingly Riya adores glitter too.  I took some pictures and she took some pictures before she had her turn out on the grass.





Now it was her turn to sit out there and sing for me…  Which she totally did…  Not.  It just goes to show that you can never really predict how they will react to things, they are little humans that change their minds at the drop of a hat, or more specifically at the clap of all the Mom’s watching.  But as you know, there is always one that just doesn’t perform, we just happened to be that one this time.  After trying to go up there and do the dancing with her, I just gave up and watched her watching her friends and singing for me alone.  Which was just perfect too…






Hope you all have a great day!

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