It’s Monday Again?

Hello everybody!

I’ve been meaning to blog sooner than this.

But instead of getting irritated that I don’t have my “me” time because I have to put my sick and slightly miserable baby to sleep, and then even more irritated when I have to put my laptop down every 5 minutes thereafter because I need to shush him or one of the girls back to sleep…

I wrapped my arms around him and cuddled him a little closer, kissed his tiny little nose and fingers, smelled his baby gorgeousness and sang him to sleep.  And once he was asleep, I watched TV while feeling his “not so tiny any more” sleeping body rise and fall with every little breath he took, watched his eyes flutter when he dreamt and restrained myself from pinching his gorgeously round cheeks until we eventually went to bed.

And do you know what?

I felt far more satisfied than if I had spent the night blogging away and getting a bajillion views for all the hilarious and relatable posts that I would have done about how difficult parenting can be.  (So over that)

Just thought I’d share that with you.

Have a great Monday!


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