Today Is The Day!

So today is not much better in terms of sleep or sick children.  But it’s Michael McIntyre day and that just makes everything better!  We are going to sit so close to him that as he shakes his hair (as he does), the sweat will drop down on us and if he gets a bit carried away, his spit may even hit out faces.  

I can’t wait.

Have I mentioned this is one of the many things that I had on my bucket list?  Yeah, I have a bucket list.  So 2007.  I have this list in my head but this is one thing that I didn’t think I would ever be able to tick off!  You see, the chances of us going to the UK are slim.  The chances of us seeing a show of his while we are there is even slimmer.  So we rewarded ourselves for our 6 year wedding anniversary and bought ourselves tickets.  

This means that even if I have to pry my screaming children off my body, lock them in the bathroom and run away while they implode to get there – that’s what I’m going to do (sorry Mom).  OK, maybe not, but there’s no way I’m missing a second of it.  I’m sure they’ll be OK though.


I have these photo’s of Easter Sunday that I haven’t posted because I don’t feel like writing all about the day.  Mostly because I feel like I will be making up how awesome and amazing it was (don’t get me wrong – it was a fun day, but nothing “blogworthy” really happened) and in my current sleepless state it may come across more sarcastic and put on than real and worth reading.  

But I think the pics are worth looking at cos, despite the hecticness, these kids are cool.










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