Knox Does Tricks

When you have a kid it’s really important to make sure that you train them like you would do a circus animal.  So that when you are out and about, they are able to do super cute little tricks that makes everyone melt.  It’s one of the many sweet benefits of parenting.   This is especially important following a tantrum by an older kid – the perfect diversion tactic.  For example (and this is only an example…  sort of)…

Random Older Child Of Mine (Riya): Nooooooo!  Aaaaaaaaaah!  Waaaaaaaaaah! Stamp. Smack. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaawr!  Me want my num nuuuuuum……  Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaah  Me wanta eat da choc-i-lat now!  Scream!  Drags head on floor.  Wipes snot on my arm

Me:  Hey everyone look!  Knox can high five!


You see.  Perfect diversion!

Oh and my job is done.  After learning to high five, nothing else is really important. Except to learn to sit.  Which he has pretty much nailed.




He seems to have the makings of learning “jazz hands” but the amount of tricks you teach them should be directly proportionate to how often they wake you up at night.  So I’ll let him off on that one.

(Seth seems to think that my last sentence is unclear and that all you smart people out there won’t understand what’s going on.  I disagree, so I left it in.  Do you get what I am trying to say?)

3 thoughts on “Knox Does Tricks

  1. …its with some kids the cute things you teach them…they are more likely to use against you…when you have the least time. Like showing them how to pour their own cereal and then you get up and all the cereal is lying in a pile on the floor the next day…and then there is the milk disaster that follows.

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