Knox Is A Model – The Love, The Wish And The Wardrobe

There was a time where I debated whether or not I should do this.

Now you’re wondering, what the heck are you talking about?!  Well a little while ago I started this little series called “The Love, The Wish and The Wardrobe”…  I got up to three whole posts before I kind of gave up.  Here they are – one, two and three.  I gave up because I was disheartened at seeing all these boutique stores and not actually being able to get the clothes.  And because life is not about clothes and you know, stuff like that.

But then I figured we have to wear them right?  I don’t reckon you’d fancy seeing my butt nekid body out doing my grocery shopping.  But even more than that, kids clothing is so flipping cute! So I’m going to start it again, but with a difference.

For starters I’m going to try and source clothes from all different kinds of stores – budget/normal being the main focus, cos who has really got the money to go nuts at all of our favourite high priced stores.  And it’s also going to be a whenever I get around to it thing.  I don’t work well with scheduled “you must do this now” kind of things.

And finally, I changed the logo…  I know, your eyes are thanking me right now as you gaze upon its beauty.  I don’t know what the heck Seth was thinking when he made it originally – but he’s colour blind, so he’s kind of forgiven…


Oh and did I mention that if you have a model like this sitting right in front of you everyday, you can’t help but be inspired.


OK, so in this case this is not technically “budget”…  Cardigan – Cotton On, T-Shirt – Woolies (part of a set), Grey Skinnies – Cotton On (from the girls section I think)
2013 - 04








12 thoughts on “Knox Is A Model – The Love, The Wish And The Wardrobe

  1. ok, obviously I’ve been MIA for ages….When did Knox get so BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG. He is gorgeous!!!

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