Do They Even Grow?

Things be crazy all up in our hizzle right now.  I don’t know why, but it is.  That’s my excuse for being scarce around these parts anyway.

It could also be that even though Riya has given us  a break since Christmas, her tantrums were at a full blown high at the beginning of last week.  Literally a full blown meltdown in the morning before school (so not as a result of being tired) and then again in the middle of the freaking night!  Yes at 1.30 AM I was dealing with a tantrum that lasted close to 40 minutes and I am pretty sure it woke up the entire neighbourhood – that kid can scream louder and at a pitch that I have never heard before.  I swear I even heard the windows shake.

Anyway, last weekend we had 3 parties in one day, but I haven’t even had a chance to get myself together enough to post about it.  But one of them was a Princess party.  And almost a full year ago (OK, only 9 months to be fair), we had a Princess Party and we got the girls princess dresses that would step up to the occasion.  You can see those pics here

Now back to this year and they still fit.  Like, still fit so much that they can wear it to all the parties this winter too.  Crazy.  Are my kids destined to be midgets like me?  It seems so…





I’m just going to take this moment to uh…  IMG_9886

Photo bomb of note…IMG_9871

8 thoughts on “Do They Even Grow?

    • That is true! In our case all the stuff that I need to still fit (like warm clothes) are all too small but the fun stuff isn’t. At least they get to enjoy it!

    • Unfortunately for us, this is just the start of the crazy birthday party season! But at least they can really get moneys worth out of the princess dresses. 😉

  1. I am having the opposite problem with our little man who is growing at a crazy rate and its costing us a fortune, so it’s great to know they slow down at some point 😉

  2. Yeh but cute midgets nonetheless.. haha.. My kids have sprouted so much this year, pulled out the winter clothes and nothing fits! Sleeves are short and ankles are biting! xx

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