The Girls View On Our Holiday

So the girls were a bit miffed with me that I didn’t show you any of the pictures that they took of our holiday.  Actually they didn’t care, because when I asked them if they wanted to see the blog about where went to see the ducks, they were all like, “DUCKS!  Me go see da DUCKSS!!!!” and then were totally bummed when I showed them photo’s instead of plonking them in the car to go see those amazing ducks!

They will have you know though, that we went there once “yesta-day” and it was “fine”.  And I’ll have you know that they are capable of speech.  I know this because they know how to rip each other off already.

Anyway, here are the photo’s that the girls took of our weekend getaway.  I’ll start with Riya’s pictures because I have never really featured them on the blog at all (mostly because they were always blurry) – but this weekend she totally owned the camera and did really well.  Unfortunately for you, she seems to love me lots.  I know this because I made up like 80% of her pictures…

Kyla and Ga – Kyla needed her “ballerina” because it was raining…


Doing the moonwalk on the trampoline is just so cool right now yo.

So is some weird jazz hand movement!


We had some drinks with lunch…  The girls didn’t.  I promise.


Ga posing for a picture, but instead she was the background…


I don’t even know if there are words for this except maybe, loser.IMG_9709

Me trying to pose nicely with my eldest, who is trying to escape.IMG_9731

As you know, Kyla is our resident paparazzi, as you can tell by the posts that I did here and here.  Oh, and here… She is really gifted with it and must get her arty creative side from Daddy.

Ga, after she had been attacked by a sneaky, mischievous little girl – who seemed to have come out of her angry funk for a little bit.


Daddy putting Knox to sleep.


Ga and Papa




Riya looking pensive…IMG_9628

New bracelets and ringsIMG_9633

The view of the toilet from the door.  I spared you from the other 50 with views of under the bathroom basin and inside the shower.IMG_9678

Kyla taking a picture of Kyla taking a picture – mind warping stuff.IMG_9688

Seth still busy with Knox.IMG_9776

Ri-Ri and IIMG_9781

5 thoughts on “The Girls View On Our Holiday

  1. Well i think Kyla has was lt takes to go into photography professionally, and Riya given another year will follow – must take after their nana, not!. well good camera too.

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