The Worst Insult Ever

Growing up my brother and I would hurl the most disgusting insults at each other for no other reason than to cause a fight.  I always won.  Obviously.  I think it’s all part of growing up and learning to deal with one another (even though it’s not right or nice).  I knew that inevitably it would end up being an occurrence in our house some time, but I didn’t realise it would be so soon.



We have tried to keep this kind of a thing to a minimum.  The closest we come to calling each other a name (at least in front of the kids) is a “silly billy” or more commonly a “silly na-na”.  But all of a sudden the girls have cottoned on to this new name calling business (and I totally blame school here.  Although before you freak out, I am seeing WAY more good than just this little bit of bad – we really love our little school and I am impressed everyday with how much they are learning).

Kyla is generally the instigator, coming up with the most creative names ever.  I try and put on my mean ‘if you say that again look’ to reprimand her but sometimes it’s just so funny that I can’t help but laugh at it.  Especially because Riya gets totally and completely upset!  Here are some of my favourite ones:

  • “You a bouncy boy Riya”
  • “You a Daddy” (Apparently this is some kind of super insult that often reduces Riya to tears – sorry Seth)
  • “You a poopyhead baby”
  • “You a baa-baa-bashy!”  (This one has got to be my favourite!  In some weird way in Kyla’s mind this innocent nursery rhyme has turned into one of the world’s worst insults.  I don’t get it.  I just don’t.  Especially because sometimes she even goes as far as to say, “You baa-baa-bashy havi any wooooool!!”  Oooohhh.  I’m so insulted right now!)

What are the best names that your kids have called each other or that you used to call your sibling?

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