Beard Today, Gone Tomorrow

There has been a big change in our house recently.

Now that Seth has become a full 10kg’s lighter than he used to be, he performed an amazing hair removal ceremony that resulted in a further 1kg loss (judging from all the hair on the floor).  In summary, the hair is short and the beard is gone.  To anyone else this may seem trivial.  But if you see him you will wonder what the heck happened…

This is what he looked like before – pretty flipping handsome if you ask me.  I really like the rugged hairy man thing, it’s pretty hot.  Add to that the reading of the story to the kids and you immediately have the most amazing man that ever lived.






Now he shaved it all off and suddenly I’m married to this guy…


(Thanks to this link for the photo of Eric Andre)

OK.  You can probably tell that this is not really Seth (and if you can’t sis on you!).  He won’t let me take a picture of him at this point in time because he is so unhappy, but the likeness to this guy right now is incredible (except the afro – let it be known to all the world that Seth does not have an afro.  I’m convinced that he would want me to tell you that).  In fact don’t bring up the hair at all.  I cut it for him and I may have cut the front a tiny bit too short.  Oh, and there might be a bit of a bald patch on the one side, but don’t point it out to him.  Although I suspect he knows because he keeps looking at me in an angry way.  That, and he might have been the one to tell me about it.

Anyway I have suddenly gone back in a time machine and I seem to be married to a 15 year old version of Seth.  It’s kind of creepy.  But at the same time it’s ridiculously funny.  I can’t stop laughing at how different he looks.  What’s even stranger is that now I look like some kind of cougar – which is weird because just yesterday I was told that I look 18.

He cut it all off when the girls were asleep and in the morning, Riya woke up and saw him, then exclaimed, “Daddy look funny!!” then ran after him to get a better look.  Thankfully they didn’t burst into tears and so far, Seth hasn’t either.  As far as I know anyway…

7 thoughts on “Beard Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. Hahaha, you have me picturing your husband crying ugly tears in a corner over his lost hair! My hubby has been bald since I’ve known him! Wish I could see him with some hair!! I must admit I scrolled up and down thinking, no man, that is not the same person.. lol! The hair did give it away. lol.

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