Don’t Look At The Camera

You know, sometimes I sit here, desperate for something to say but I just can’t think of anything.  I start typing a thousand different things only for them to be deleted a few seconds later.  But just let me be driving around in the car and I will write an essay in my mind – it will be so great that even the voices in my head think its hilarious.  I get home and try and write it down and it’s gone!  Oh well.

Today I’ve got no words really – it’s been a hectic week (maybe you can tell by lack of posts and stuff)…  So to make up for it here are the three most beautiful kiddos in the world.












4 thoughts on “Don’t Look At The Camera

    • So typical hey! It seems to be a common problem but the way that technology is going right now, I’m pretty sure they will have something to remedy this in the near future! Like a chip in our brain or something equally weird and disturbing.

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