Big Shoes To Fill

It’s quite a scary thing to watch your children doing the things that you used to do when you were little.  It’s even scarier when it doesn’t even seem like it was that long ago that I was doing it!  At the rate that time is flying by, I will be dealing with 2 teenage girls soon, who (I can only pray) will not be as difficult as I was (sorry Mom and Dad).

They are so desperate to grow up that Kyla comes up to me everyday and measures herself against me.  It’s always followed by a, “Mommy look how big me is!  Me almost tall a you!”  I refrain from telling her that being as tall as me is not really that much of an achievement – on getting into my car the other day, my brother-in-law called me a ‘garden gnome’ because he couldn’t even get into the driver’s seat!  If you ever see me driving, you’ll know it’s me because I’m the one squashed right up to the steering wheel, dramatically head bopping, shoulder shimmying and singing along to the radio – cos I’m bring the “old granny cool” back into fashion.

(Oh, I know I need to work on Kyla’s speech.  But when we try and correct the “me” thing, it always kind of goes like this:

Kyla, “Me wanta do this Daddy!”

Seth, “Kyla, you must say ‘I’ want to do this”.

Kyla, “OK…  You want to do this Daddy”.)

In their attempt to grow up too quickly, they have also taken to wearing high heels.  And man they look so darn cute!






One thought on “Big Shoes To Fill

  1. It is so scary how fast they grow! I was looking at photo’s of leahs first playdate at your house and besides leah looking so small (at only 4 months) your girls and sadie looked so much younger, I can’t even remember these girls being that small!

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