It Could Have Been You

Lately I have been taking time in my day to sit down and reflect on life.  In particular to reflect on each one of my children’s lives that I have been blessed to be able to be involved in.  Then it occurred to me as I was staring at the gorgeousness that is my Knoxy Noo, there was a time that with another person, his little life could have been taken away.


If you’re new around these blogparts, you might not know that just a year ago we were pretty much told to terminate our pregnancy with Knox because there was a chance that he was Down Syndrome.  Although we struggled to come to terms with this, it was never even a consideration of ours to terminate at the time.  And now that I gaze upon his complete perfectness it just hit me how easily people will take a life away.  I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

You could be thinking that it’s because he’s “normal” that I think he’s perfect, but I doubt that.  I committed to love this child no matter what his challenges would be.  Who is to say he still won’t have a problem later in life?

I think that this is one of the problems that we have in South Africa and all over the World for that matter.  There are so many stems for the violence that we are experiencing in this country but I think that one of the main ones is that we have lost the sense of value for life.  That little baby growing in your womb is a PERSON, a very little person that you have been blessed with to love and nurture.

I wasn’t expecting this post to get all deep and all over the place, but it’s a serious thing.  Abortion is wrong.  And not only that, looking at this perfect little human makes me wonder how many other perfect little humans lives were ended before they really got a chance to begin.

I love you Knoxy, no matter what.



17 thoughts on “It Could Have Been You

  1. Man hes gorgeous, and thats not just a proud granny talking. He is a special – in the best sense of the word – child. and a real blessing to us all. When i think of that day I still shudder, and praise the Lord that as a whole family we were all committed to seeing this pregnancy through, no matter what and look at the blessing we are enjoying now.

  2. This has made me cry! Such a reminder to treasure life. Working with many families in the process of adoption reminds me of what a gift babies are, and how precious and courageous the women are who give their babies life, even if it’s to give them to someone else.

      • i know, they are such an amazing couple. He is a song writer (wrote the song that is being sung in the background), but the way they glorified God throughout the pregnancy was AMAZING! another blog about some friends of mine in CT who were told to abort and have their precious child today (start from the beginning)

  3. Thought-provoking, indeed. I think the determinant, though, should be whether – should the worst come to the worst – the child will be able to enjoy the ‘special’ love called for in these instances. If not, the life is going to be one of misery, and so …

    • It’s a hard topic. I really don’t think that anybody should be deprived of the right to life. And it’s really sad that people are so self absorbed that they are not able to (or don’t think they are able to) love someone different to them, with the same kind of love that they would love a “normal” person.

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