You Swim Here Often?


The word brings up fond memories of splashing around in the pool, kicking and screaming…  Or no, on second thoughts that might be drowning which is pretty much what would happen to me should I find myself in a body of water without an edge or a bottom that is conveniently located to the underside of my feet.  Drowning would be all  like –  This will not be over quickly, you will not enjoy this, I am not your Queen… (Did you notice that I just went all 300 on you…  Still probably the best movie ever made.)

I am desperately trying not to infer this ridiculous fear (or any of my other neurotic fears for that matter) onto the kids, but let’s just say that I am quite glad that their new hobby is to swim…  Swim across the floor that is!

Kyla has become quite a professional at it, gliding along the imaginary waves – she’s just a regular freestyler (like the Bomfunk MC’s remember this!).  Just the other day they jumped into the “pool” to go and save some baby lions that had fallen into the water – as they do.

But first Kyla posed with her very important headgear…


I love that she has to stand and think about it before jumping in the imaginary pool to save the imaginary lions.  And pout about it…

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…


Kyla got in the imaginary pool with gusto and grabbed the lions – I can picture them dangling there by their necks.  Once she made it to “shore” she gently flung them aside and went on with her life.  The poor lions long forgotten.


But Riya, sweet loving Riya…  She jumped in, swam carefully to the lions, picked them up, cradled them in her arms and put them gently onto a chair.  She then proceeded to question them about why they were in the water in the first place, because seriously lions, why were you in the water?  Now that they were safe, it was also important to find out if they were hungry and wanted pasta?


They may look like twins, but they are polar opposites of eachother!

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