Knox From Kyla’s Perspective (Kyla’s The Photographer)

The girls new hobby is to take “pishures” with my camera ALL.  THE.  TIME!  To be honest it can be a bit frustrating because they don’t give my little baby (totally talking about the camera here) the care and love that it deserves.

Once I get over my fear that they will drop it or delete important pictures, I must say that Kyla is really good at it.  She has been practising for a while.  She points it at something that she wants to take a picture of and then properly takes the picture.  Riya is a bit snap happy, taking 10 photos of the same thing without actually looking in the lens to see what she is taking a picture of.  But in amongst the 30 blurry pictures there is one or two good ones.

This is Kyla taking a little photo shoot of Knox – her favourite subject!







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