Hand Made Finger Puppets


How cute are these little felt finger puppets?  As you can see, the girls put each of the little bits on which they absolutely adored doing.  This craft is so cool!  The girls had so much fun doing it and I wish I could say that I finally got my butt in gear and actually did some of the things that I drool over on Pinterest.  But I can’t take any credit for it at all!  Jolene is so super awesome and designed, cut out and created these gorgeous puppets for us to make at our last Mammas and Munchkins get together.

Each little bit was cut out of different colour felts and then stuck on with Bostick glue – after all the ones that Jolene tried this one worked out the best.  Riya’s doggie has already lost an eye though but that is only because I am pretty sure she smeared all the glue all over her hand before actually putting it on the face – try not to do that…



I really love how they turned out and the girls couldn’t wait to get home and show Daddy their “puppie show”.

We got to make 2 puppets each and so the girls each made 2 different ones and we got to enjoy all four of the creations. It’s so clever!  Thanks again to Jolene who really put so much effort into it and made them so amazing.



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