This Week Is Kicking My Butt And Other More Interesting Stories

Time is such a precious commodity in our house at the moment.  The kids are sick (joys of going to school) and this time it has affected Knox as well – thankfully he made it to 5 months before getting his first cold.  So our nights have consisted of hot, sticky, snotty, coughing adventures.  Needless to say sleep is not really something we are able to enjoy at the moment.  It’s so fun to be in our house right now.

Other than that, things are just so busy and chaotic, M&M’s coming up and school committee and just general life taking over.  Running is taking up a lot of my precious evening time where I get to sit and reflect on my day and blog – but totally worth it because I’M BACK AT MY PRE-KYLA WEIGHT! (Sorry just had to shout that out, so flipping excited about it).  But I guess this craziness is what this part of life is all about.

I had these pictures left over from the holidays because they didn’t really fit into another post but they are great pictures of Mia and Ben.  The kids miss them so much and make sure that we pray for them every evening.  You guys are definitely not forgotten, especially by Riya who regularly brings it up, in a bit of a weird way…

We will be walking through a shopping mall and all of a sudden Riya will shout out that she wants to go to “Pur” (Spur – sadly one of the first words that they learnt how to say) or she will scream that she wants a chocolate or you know, any or all those bad for you things.  When I calmly tell her that it’s not possible right now or just “no” as I rip the chocolate out of her hand and put it out of reach on the shelf, she will reply with the same phrase (if she doesn’t burst into tears).  “Only when Mia and Ben come?”  “Yes my darling, only when Mia and Ben come.”  So Mia and Ben, Riya is waiting patiently for you so that she can go to the Spur and stuff her face with chocolates!

Here’s to you guys – we miss you so much!




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