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You might have noticed recently that like a stealthy ninja, I have been slipping in little bits of information regarding our new “life style” that we have taken on?  If you haven’t noticed, don’t blame yourself – I told you I was a ninja.

Now this is just a little disclaimer thing – before I start getting hate mail about the fact that I just had a baby or that I’m already so thin why even worry, I feel like I need to explain what our life had become…

Just before Knox arrived and the months thereafter we ordered A LOT of take out.  I’m not just meaning once I week…  I mean like 3 times a week…  And the weekends – those don’t even count because that was just one big take out party.  And it wasn’t healthy take out either, although we’d fool ourselves by ordering from organic and healthy places, but then adding a wonderful “The Creamery” ice cream to top it off.  We were even taking pride in the fact that we had tried nearly every flavour…  Also our evenings were spent watching TV together nomming on whatever we could find in the cupboard – chips, chocolate etc etc etc…  It was disgustingly glorious!

But it had to have an end, which all started a couple of months ago when Seth downloaded a new application called “Noom” (available on Android phones).  For lack of a better term, it’s a calorie counting app.  I know, I know, “Who has time for that?”, “ Who wants to log everything you eat?” Blah blah blah.  But you know what?  It actually worked.  (This app is much easier than the other calorie counting apps that I have seen on iPhone though, just a FYI.)

One day Seth will go into his reasons for wanting to lose weight – they are serious and would be better coming from him.  Especially because my reason for wanting to lose weight is so that people don’t think I am pregnant with my fourth baby.  For me it’s all about how I look and fit into my clothes, the health benefits are just a bonus.  I want to feel good about myself again.  He is hoping to have a “raging six pack” and I will just be happy to not end up with a bad sock tan.

The cool thing about this app is that it helps you to get your eating in line AND it helps you with little bits of information on healthy living and working out.  It was a real eye opener for me – I knew I ate badly, but I didn’t know that I ate THAT badly.  After the girls I lost the weight relatively easily.  Or at least I didn’t really put much effort into it.  This time however it would not go anywhere, so without Noom I don’t think I would have ever dropped it, especially not at the rate we were going.

Now I’m 4.5kg down (Seth is already a whopping 7kg down) and we only have the last 2 or 3kg’s to go.  Besides eating way better than we used to, we go for a run twice a week, Seth has to go for extra runs by himself because I slow him down – he is a machine!

It took me a very long time to sort myself out in my own head.  Even when we just got married I hardly ever cooked because we could just go out all the time with all the freedom that we had (Aaaah, remember those days…).  Then I never cooked because it was so difficult looking after 1 tiny baby…  Then 2 tiny babies…  But now even with 3 babies at home and working till 2 I am making full on, nutritious meals.  I never thought I would even get there.  So there’s my encouragement to you out there, if we can do it – so can you!

Taking the step to start running was the real biggest challenge that I had to face in this whole thing.  Running was never really something that I enjoyed.  After my first run Riya came up to me and was all concerned, “Why so red Mommy?”.  “SIT DOWN Mommy – taka off your shooosies”, all while rubbing my back.  That was about 10 runs ago, and now even though I am still seriously red in the face I managed to do a full 4km run last night with only stopping for about 1 minute in total.  Pretty freaking proud of myself right there.

Plus now, Seth is looking so damn fine it’s like falling in love all over again (in a totally lame and image only kind of way).  Try it!

So…  I don’t really have any good pictures to illustrate this new phase of life (because they would all be of a very red faced individual… Which would be me after a run).  But because I know you actually only come over here to see pictures of my kiddies I will entertain you with these gems that I took of Kyla, Knox and myself.  Forget me and focus on Kyla – how gorgeous is she!




5 thoughts on “Witness The Fitness

  1. I envy you the opportunity to go running with Seth. I’d love to go running with Chris or cycling with him, but have no one to watch the kids. But we’ll done on the perseverance and weight loss! You’re better than me!

  2. Wow! I’m so impressed Cinderella! Well done to both of you. Jarred said at the end of last year that this is the year the two of us get fit and loose weight, so I’m looking forward to this challenge with him, coz I too hate “running”, but iv started swimming again, so I’m hoping this is a step in the right direction.

  3. Well Done Cindy! It isn’t an easy journey to start.. Keep pushing through and you will achieve your fitness goals! Yours in fitness! Carla

  4. Well done Cindy…what a step in the right direction especially for your health…I could go on on on and on, like I do with all my patients about the awesome effects of exercising but I won’t 😉

    Keep on, good luck with the training

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