A 4 Month Old Knox

Our gorgeous little man is almost 5 months old!

Unfortunately, although I am trying to fight it very hard, we seem to be falling into the whole 3rd child thing where they don’t have enough photos taken of them.  Although maybe one day he will thank me because it means I can’t post things about him all the time.

He is still such an easy going baby.  Unless of course he is not with his Mommy for the couple of hours before he goes to sleep.  I thought it had passed, but the other night he was cuddling with Aunty Claudette for a while before I put him to sleep and he just would not settle.  Every time I put him down he would scream his real heartbroken “feel sorry for me” cry that I hardly ever hear.  To be really honest, although it can sometimes be inconvenient, I absolutely love the fact that he wants to be with me and to cuddle all the time.  What a blessing it is to have little baby cuddles.

He is now rolling around like a thing that rolls really well.  Um…  Like a ball?  Bad analogy.  But you get it right?  No more couches or near the edge of beds for him anymore.

I am really loving the connection that we have, it’s not that I love the girls less, but this boy–Mommy connection is just so special too. I didn’t think it would be that different but it really is.  Again we are blessed to be able to experience both genders.

Seth thinks that it’s kind of lame that these photos are all the same, but like I said, I don’t really get a chance to takethat many pictures. And plus also, like what else do babies even really do? I think all his cute little faces are what defines him now…








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