Glad That’s Over…

Another Valentine’s Day down the hatch.  Thank goodness.

I remember a time when we used to celebrate Valentine’s Day…  You know, before we were married with children.  Now we only know about it because it’s blasted from every possible social media platform in the freaking world.  So in the hopes that this makes you feel better about yourself if you don’t have a “Valentine” or if your “Valentine” didn’t do anything to make you feel that special, let me tell you about my day…

We awoke to our 6 alarms, dutifully switched them off and went back to sleep (can you see why we have 6 alarms).  We then woke up again 40 minutes later in a frantic panic that we will be late again.  So while dragging the kids out of bed, holding them down to dress them, dressing ourselves, rummaging through the kitchen for “breakfast” food and just generally ran around, we took 2 seconds to sort of acknowledge, “Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day today…”

We finally got the kids to school and Knox to Ga’s house and we were driving to work when Seth patted my knee and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day”.  “Oh thank you” was my awesome response.  I think the whole morning was clouded by the fact that Oscar Pistorious shot his girlfriend (how’s that for a happy Valentine’s Day) – although I doubt very much that anything would have been different even if he hadn’t taken up all our thoughts this morning.

When I finished work (which seemed to pass by way quicker than usual with all this newsy business and figuring out exactly why Oscar is most definitely guilty), I got into the car and Seth had made me a card…  It was very sweet, even though he did it quickly during work and it opened up the wrong way around, it was really lovely, especially considering that I really was not expecting anything.  This was the cover (that is now also on the right side of the blog – can you see it?)…


I love how it is so exactly us right now.  Kyla perfectly shooting the arrow, Knox splayed out like a star and Riya having broken her bow and freaking out about it.  That would totally happen.  I’m almost tempted to give it to them all and see it all unfold in real life.


Other than that, Riya made us a card which was very sweet.  Kyla said she did, but I didn’t see it.

Oh and we increased our runs from 3.5km to 4.5km.  Good grief, I can totally feel that extra km and feel like I could die right now, but I need to get into shape for the 2 Oceans.  Did I mention that my wonderful husband signed us up for it?  Thankfully he was wise enough (or actually just late enough) to only sign us for the 8km, but is truly daunting for me right now.  For all you people that hate people talking about stupid running (like I did up till about a month ago) I promise that this will be the second to last time that I will talk about it.

Overall it was a normal, crazy day in our household.  How was your Valentine’s Day?

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