You Let Them Do What!?

Apparently today is a special day for some people…  So happy Valentine’s Day to you.  But if you totally couldn’t care less about it (as I do), I’ll give you something completely different to take your mind off of it – bedroom renovations!  Yes!

Every time I mention to someone that we let our girls choose the paint colour for their room we get pretty much the same response, “You let them do whaaaat?!”.  And maybe it was a bit crazy, but I figure it’s their room…  They are the ones that have to sleep in there.  Obviously they chose the pinkest of pink pinkness!  We countered it by only painting 2 of the walls pink and 2 grey.  I think it works.

But anyway, we have been working on their room for a really, really long time.  It took so ridiculously long because it used to be our store room and boy did that room store things.  I think things crawled in there just to die unnoticed – bills that didn’t want to be paid, old bits of cereal and a couple of dust bunnies too.  Finally we got most of it done during the holidays.  To be fair it’s still not completely done because we don’t have the money for new cupboards, but the I’ll show you the bits that I am happy with.

We got them their own beds (up until about November last year they were sharing a bed – because they wanted to) and set up the room so that they could play in there when they actually felt like playing together nicely.  Over the years we have gathered a lot of little treasures and things that we have incorporated into the room, but there is still more that I want to get to really finish it off.  But that will come with time…   And money…

This is Riya’s bed – as you can see by her 2 year old painting.  Every time I look at I wish it was her birthday again so that we could get stuck into the next round of the evolution of it.  But then I realise that I am just wishing away my time with this precious princess (and I remember the mess) and I start to think it can rather wait…



This is Kyla’s side with her 3 year old art work…  I don’t know if you can tell but they share the chest of drawers in the middle.  Well to be really honest, they share everything seeing as they are pretty much exactly the same size!



This is one of my favourite decor accessories in their room, and although I am not using it right I just love the way it looks!!  Thanks to Luvbug and Poppie!


This wall shares its space with the passage leading to the back door so we couldn’t have it bright pink, but we could cover it with wonderful girly things.  I love, love, love their little hanging racks – although you are probably thinking that it never normally looks this nice and you would be right…


So there you have it.  Next on the agenda is a toss up between Knox’s room, our room, the kitchen, the lounge, the bathroom or the front garden…  Hmmm…  So many flipping choices.


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