So This One Time At The Park…

A couple of weeks ago I frantically rushed home from work, stopped off at Spar and scanned the shelves for something healthy and nutritious to snack on (and came out with bananas and Niknaks – go figure), then rushed off to pick up the kids.  Why the hurry?  Well we were due to meet our play date peoples at the park at 2.30.  I leave work at 2…  Just so by the way…

At 3 my Mom (whom I had invited earlier that day as she was on leave) called me to say that no one was there yet.  I wondered, but figured that everyone was just running as late as I was – it’s gotta happen to everyone right?!  Anyway, so I race there as fast as my over protective Mommyness would allow and I pull up to see my Mom standing there all by herself…  I start to think something is up and I checked and rechecked my phone to see if it had been cancelled without me knowing only to find that I was there at the right place and the right time, but a whole week early!  Dumb blonde in action!

But, we were there and the park was there so we decided to make an afternoon out of it…


Kyla and I went down the slide together and before we went down I told her to keep her legs in between mine so they don’t get hurt.  Did my oldest daughter with very good hearing actually listen to me?  Well no.  She didn’t.  I know this because half way down this slide of death, she decided not to listen to me but to put her feet outside mine.  Thus getting her leg stuck between mine (which were pressed so close to the sides that I’m surprised she could even get it in there.  It was fast OK?!  I was scared!) and the rough wooden sides.  Her leg bent back in a way that I never knew a leg could bend, but thankfully not only is this girl resilient, she is also flipping flexible.  After a few tears she was OK. This pic was obviously not post the almost-leg-breaking-experience…



Riya was definitely not chuffed to hear that her friends would not be joining her in the park…  But a handful of Niknaks soon sorted out that problem!



After that I bribed them with more Niknaks to sit together and let me take pictures of them…  Can you tell how used to this they are?  Riya could be on America’s Next Top Model with all the different poses she was giving me.  Smizing with her eyes and all!  Kyla couldn’t give two toots that I was taking pictures of her…  But I’m just happy that she even sat there at all!






Next time we have a playdate planned, I am most definitely going to double check it before we go!

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