A 1000 Kisses From You

A 1000 kisses from you is never too much, never too much…   I don’t know who sings this song originally because I just don’t care about things like that, but I am pretty sure that Knox will never be singing it to his sisters.

At the moment I am really struggling to get the girls to chill the heck out when they “love” their brother.  They just love him so darn much that they have to express it by squeezing his head or poking his eye or kissing his head so hard that he can’t keep it up any more.  But even though they can get totally out of hand and most often do, they really do love their little brother and constantly make sure that he is with us and well looked after.

We actually bought Knox a play gym that lights up and plays music.  The girls never had stuff like that because who needs something to entertain you when you have parents?  Anyway.  The girls love to lie next to him on the mat and help him pull and play with everything.  It’s so precious to see how they all interact so well together already.  Here’s to many more years of overflowing love and friendships between them.





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