Knoxy Noo Noo

Never did I think that having a boy would be so different to having a girl, except of course changing the nappies (that was a shocker the first couple of times – not even taking into account the work out you get trying to avoid being wee’d on!).  To date he is our most chilled out baby, although he definitely knows what he wants and when he wants it.  Like food.  All the time!




I don’t get to talk about him as much as I want to because the girls do so much that I can’t even keep up with them.  But he really has taken his own spot in my heart and really completed our little family (for now)…  He is developing into such a sweet natured little boy that loves a cuddle and kisses, which makes me a very happy Mommy.  Instead of learning to roll from his tummy onto his back, he has done it the other way around and rolled from his back onto his tummy a couple of days ago.  I swear before I get to post about him only again he will be walking, talking and tantruming – it’s all going so fast.


At the moment he is sleeping in his cot for the beginning part of the night and then moving over to our bed after he wakes up at around 2/3 in the morning.  When he is at his Ga during the day he gets a formula bottle (or 3), but other than that we have stuck out the breastfeeding really well and I will now admit that I actually enjoy it – that is something I never ever thought I would say.  I think it has something to so with knowing that he is our last baby.

For Christ mas he got some dungarees or suspenders or whatever you call them and now he looks like Farmer Knox.  So flipping cute I could eat him – but that would be weird, so I won’t.




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