A Little Bit Of Entertaining

We hardly entertain at our house.  Even though I absolutely love to put a table together with all the garnishes, I hardly ever have the chance to do it.  Besides the fact that I am worried that I may poison someone with my cooking (it hasn’t happened yet, but the first time would definitely be when I have a dinner party), the real reason that we don’t have people over is that we never really had anywhere to sit.  (Our lounge has a gaping hole in the floor where we knocked out a wall and then didn’t get a chance to fill yet – it’s not even conducive our own children, never mind anyone else’s.)

It was a lovely day in our Mother City and now that we have a pretty sweet outdoors area we had my parents, brother and his girlfriend over.  I think it’s the first time my Dad has been into the back garden since about a year before they moved out – so that makes it about 5 years ago!

Sitting outside chatting about life is such a great thing to do – a really wonderful way to spend an afternoon.



Aunty Cat watching Kyla spinning around and around and around in her “winga-wing” (swing)…


Riya pushing her sister on the winga-wing





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