Let Me Get Some Veggies From Our… VEGGIE PATCH!

I might not have ever mentioned it, but I live in the same house that I did when I was growing up.  After Seth and I got married we took over my parents house and built them a separate house in the back garden.  What it’s like bringing my children up in the same house that I grew up in is worth a post on all it’s own, but why I’m mentioning it is that this house is old – very old.  I think it was built in the 60’s, which doesn’t necessarily make it old, but there is a lot of work that we need to put in to make it what we want it to be.  And plus also the roof may be falling off – but again that’s a whole extra story right there.

Thankfully this holiday we actually got our butts in gear and instead of moaning about how much the house sucks, we actually did something about it.  And by “we” I totally mean Seth.  He got it all got kicked started when he got his friends (Brian and Jared) to help him set up a veggie patch in a particularly neglected corner.  They did such an awesome job, knocking it out in one afternoon with their big man muscles.

We now have rosa tomatoes, spinach, basil, strawberries and rosemary.  So far the strawberries have been chowed, but we don’t know by what and we are waiting patiently for the tomatoes to ripen.  Oh and the basil is great too!  I haven’t taken a recent picture, but I wouldn’t be far off if I said that the tomato plants are almost as tall as I am!

Here is a little bit of a picture story of the transformation…




The first lot of herbs used from the garden…IMG_5569




Seth decided that blue would be an awesome colour…  I was sceptical to say the least…  But now that it’s on I think it really works!IMG_5899





5 thoughts on “Let Me Get Some Veggies From Our… VEGGIE PATCH!

  1. wow, your man has green fingers too???? Your veggie patch really looks awesome…we can’t even keep the weeds alive at home.

    • I didn’t think it would last (everything else we have tried always died), but he rigged up an irrigation system thing, so it gets watered everyday without much attention. But it’s still early days who knows what will happen 😉

    • wow, remember that patch well, well done to Seth & co…. hope you have lots and lots of goodies to eat from your garden….

  2. Well done! I am also not moaning any more about the house – I am doing something!!! Our puppy ate all my veggies but I have a kickass herb garden growing 🙂

    • Oh no, that sucks that your puppy ate them all – thankfully our dogs are too doff to know that the plants are edible. It really makes such a difference if you are proactive and positive about making your house your own. Herbs are so awesome to grow and it feels so good to actually use something that you’ve grown in your food.

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