Boxing At Kalk Bay

OK, so this title might be misleading, there was no real boxing taking place in Kalk Bay, unless you count the intermittent fights between the girls.  What is Boxing Day all about anyway?!  Anyway we plopped our wriggly worms into their car seats and drove through to Kalk Bay for breakfast with Mia and Ben (and the rest of the family).  It was nice to just sit and chill out after a busy Christmas Day.



While we were eating there was a bit of an accident outside the restaurant and so “Mr Kalk Bay” was there in a flash to help.  We didn’t even know he was gone until I looked out the window and saw Seth’s Dad cleaning up the road.  Where he got the broom from I still don’t know – unless he’s channelling some Harry Potter vibes…


So apparently there is this thing in Cape Town that everyone hops onto a train and congregates on the beaches on boxing day.  Who knew right?  We really didn’t.  I’m not joking, “the world and his wife” were there (I’m turning into my mother before your very eyes).


Because it was so busy, we couldn’t do our customary walk down to the harbour.  So we thought it would be a cool idea to go to Cafe Roux for the kids to play.  Uncle Ben was impressing the girls with his amazing ability to eat really big things, like cooldrink cans and salt and pepper shakers.  It was even more amazing how he brought them back!  This is one of the only pictures with Riya and I together and apparently we look so alike.  (Please don’t judge my post-Christmas pre-diet chubbyness).


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