Time To Learn Your ABC’s



Me and my little buddha

I seriously have to catch up on my blog reader.  Like seriously. I’m feeling totally out of the loop – a real FOMO in action is missing out on reading about peoples lives that you don’t even know.  It’s a problem.  But I found this on Harrassed Mom’s blog who found it on There’s Magic Out There and thought “Oh why not”.

A. Age?


B. Book?
Um, does the TV Guide count?  Right now I can’t even catch up on my sleep, never mind read.

C. Cake or Pie?
Pie fo’ sure!

D. Drink of choice?
Since going on my new diet, my drink of choice would be a cold glass of water or a Savannah Light.  But if you asked me a month ago I would have said MILO – hot or cold.

E. Essential Items?
Essential to me or to the kids?  To me would be just my phone, camera, laptop and a good internet connection, but for the kids I would need another blog post for that.

F. Favourite Colour?
Black (that’s a colour right?)
G. Game to play or watch?
I don’t give a poo about sports, I have much better things to do with my time – like writing awesome posts like these of course.  But I am partial to a good game of Monopoly with anyone except my husband.

H. Hometown?
The one and only Mother City (that’s Cape Town by the way).

I. Indulgence?
Sleeping the whole night in my own bed without little people in it or being able to blog with a cup of Milo or dark chocolate.

J. Job?
I own an insurance brokerage and I look after 3 children at home.

K. Kids?
Three – Kyla (3), Riya-Ray (2) and Knox (4 months)

L. Life is incomplete without?
My family (immediate and extended)

M. Music group or singer?
All time fave is probably The Kings Of Leon, but I love the slow jazzy lounge numbers that I can just chill to.  Like FMR at 7pm – I never thought I would admit that in public.

N. Number of siblings? 
A younger brother, but if you’re including in-laws then I have been very blessed with 2 older sisters too.

O. Oranges or apples
Apples, oranges only if you sit and pick each and every little bit of the white stuff off…  Hmmm…  I think I’m starting to understand why my kids are fussy.

P. Phobias/fears?
Mostly anything that flies (cockroaches, birds, bugs of any kid) and being enclosed in a small dark space.

Q. Favourite Quote?
“This is SPAAAARTAAAAAA!” 300.  I tried to think of any quote that I could remember and this is the only one that came to mind.  I think I need to read more.

R. Reason to smile?
It’s the weekeeeeeeeeeeeeend baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby!

S. Season? 
Summer – I can’t stand wearing a 100 layers to keep warm.

T.  Tattoos?
Yip – 2.  Seth’s name and wedding date on my arm and a cross that says “Grace” on my foot.  Wanting to go for a third but not sure where to put it yet.

U. Unknown fact about me?
I can’t wear long pants or socks to sleep in.  I feel like I am trapped when I do.

V. Vegetable you love?
I really enjoy butternut.  And potatoes – what?  It is a vegetable.

W. Worst Habit?

This would be best answered by Seth, but I think it would be that I don’t clean up after myself when I make food (or anything) in the kitchen (or anywhere).

X. X-Rays you’ve had?
I’ve lost track – mostly for my weird shoulders.

Y. Your favourite food?
I love pastas, pizzas or burgers which could be why I’ve needed to start controlling what I eat.

Z. Zodiac?

Um, Libra I think – but I don’t believe in that rubbish.

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