Sandy Toes…

Noordhoek is special for us.  It’s the place that we celebrated our wedding day (our reception was at Monkey Valley and we took our pictures on Noordhoek Beach).  Besides that, it is the place that we would one day like to call home.  You can’t beat the views, the relaxed people, the horse riding, the beach and the view!!!  Every time we go there it feels like we are on holiday.

We were on our way to Noordhoek for lunch at Monkey Valley and we realised that we were early…  Very, very early.  So we made a pit stop at Noordhoek beach with the girls.  I plopped Knox into the wrap, we grabbed hands and headed down the deck towards the beach.  At this point the girls were still excited to be going down to the beach, but by the time their little shoes got all sandy Riya had had enough.   Seth was adamant that no matter what we were not going to just go home, because seriously, what kid doesn’t enjoy the beach?!  So we persevered through the screaming, the tears and the dirty looks from all the passer by’s who’d forgotten what it’s like to have young children.   Eventually she warmed up to it and we actually had a little bit of fun!






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