Too Late For Christmas?

So a while back there was this big special day that we celebrated but I was kind of busy at the time so I didn’t blog about it.  But I have *slightly* more time now so here it is!

This year we stuck to most of our “traditions” – in that my parents came over to open presents with the girls before church (which seems to be the only real tradition that we have right now).  As the festivities were happening at Seth’s parents later that day, they couldn’t make the morning present opening like they normally do.  Although we had a great time, I can’t show you this in pictures because we forgot to get properly dressed, and I’m not having pics like that in the interwebs for the world to see.  Among the disturbing amount of presents that the girls received were some earrings that my Mom made for the girls – Riya did not take hers off all day!



Once we got to Ga’s house it was time to open more presents, greet all the family, stuff ourselves absolutely with food and read all the cracker jokes to each other.  We all did this with relative ease of course.



I just love the face that she is pulling at herself in the mirror!




One of the best parts about Christmas this year was that Mia and Ben came down from Australia to spend it with us.  The girls absolutely adored seeing Mia again and really loved their Uncle Ben too (even if they won’t admit it).   What Kyla loved most of all is how much ice cream Uncle Ben put on her pink ice cream cone!  (Can you tell that we were responsible for bringing some dessert and that Kyla may have had a hand in choosing what to bring?!)


Riya just enjoyed putting her ice cream all over her face…IMG_6311

Add in the crackers, an epic tantrum from Ri that deserves its own post (to follow shortly) and some more present opening later that day at Aunty Neva’s house and it made for a very tiring but wonderful day…  I can’t believe how much our girls were spoiled and they are so enjoying playing with all their new dolls.




It’s important to protect the top of your head from the harmful rays of the sun too!IMG_6396

2 thoughts on “Too Late For Christmas?

  1. picture fourth from the bottom is rather weird until you work out that Mia had a “snakeskinny” pattern dress with a blue frilly skirt over it on which Knox’s feet are placed and thats Mia’s legs and feet. just in case anyone’s wondering. its just such a variety of fabrics there that could confuse. and now you are more confused than ever hey. sorry. im Irish

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