We Painted With Our Fingers

Have I mentioned how much Kyla loves to paint?  Well, imagine a person that really loves to paint…  That would be her.  I’m not even kidding that she asks me every single day to paint/draw.  She must get her creative side from her Daddy.  Today she even showed me how she can colour in the lines, I don’t think I could colour in the lines till like, um matric or something.  Then she explained that she tried to draw a heart but, “it come out all different” so she drew a circle instead.

Finally we got around to painting but this time the credit for making the finger paints goes to Liz.  The girls and I went to go and help Elijah paint with them and give a very pregnant Mommy some time to “chill”.  Well as much as you can chill with three extra babies and one exhausted Mommy to look after.

It looked like such fun squelching it with their fingers that I couldn’t help but get involved.  Plus, they were about to throw in the towel after like 2 minutes of painting so I wanted to make sure that the getting dirty was worth it.  Thanks to Liz who picked up the camera so I can prove that I do actually get involved in playing with my kiddies and not just sit behind the camera all the time.












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