My First Photo Shoot

Last weekend a friend of mine asked me to takes pics of their family of 3 before it becomes a family of 4.  Now even though I love taking pictures and it is a hobby of mine that I real enjoy – I am no fool.  Being a photographer is hard work and quite a lot of pressure to get good shots, so I was quite nervous to do this.  Plus telling people what to do (that aren’t my children) is very difficult for me.  I said yes, only because she is a very good friend.

So in that light, I feel that this post should come with a disclaimer:

Disclaimer: I am not a professional photographer, nor will I ever be.  And most importantly, no tadpoles were harmed in the making of these pictures.












And no post is really ever complete without some pics of my own kids (who were also there with us – might as well make it a family affair)




6 thoughts on “My First Photo Shoot

  1. That second pic of Riya is really pretty! And your photos came out great, pro-photographer or not. I asked you coz you have a shiny camera and you can take pretty pics, and because I like chilling with you peeps 😉 So don’t be a nana, you did great! (your subject matter on the other hand leaves much to be desired… well the boys are lovely, the girl not so much 😉

  2. I loved your pic’s Cindy!!! I think you shouldn’t sell yourself short! I might be asking for a photo shoot one of these days too!! Lovely subject matter too Mrs Pitt! Liz you are looking absolutely radiant!!

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