The Three Little Pigs

I don’t know what that title has to do with anything except that I was trying to think of 3 of something and that’s all I could come up with.  Sleep deprivation is not kind to my already struggling and uncreative brain.  But on the little pigs note, I once messed up the lines to “This Little Piggy” because I couldn’t remember them and made up my own and now they never want to hear the real one.  How is that for a totally random bit of information.

Anyway, I severely digress from a point I wasn’t even making.  Here’s the point – I managed to get pictures of all 3 kids in THE SAME PICTURE!  I know right!  I should be given a medal.  It’s taken me 10 weeks to get it right and finally here it is.  Not great (take note of the faces they pull when I ask them to smile), but they’re together and that’s what counts.

Oh I must just say those are not crocs….  Those are a figment of your imagination….  Pretend you never saw them…






How about a finger on the head…




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