I’m Going To Miss This

If you had mentioned the words “maternity leave” to me after Kyla was born I may have burst into tears.  The time that I was with Kyla on leave was lonely and difficult.  If you say those same words to me now I would burst into tears because this time I don’t want it to end.

Being a stay at home Mom for these last couple of months has been a glorious time, although I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t also a very trying and hectic time too.  But despite the hecticness of it all, I really enjoy being home with my babies and spending time with them, teaching them and learning from them too.  Unfortunately we are often just in survival mode which involves me putting the TV on and plopping the girls in front of it or we eat takeout way too often or we sit in our pajama’s all day, but I figure that it’s better than me trying to do to much, stressing myself and the kids out and ending up killing one or all of them.

Thankfully my Mom in law still takes the girls every morning except Friday so that I can catch up on some sleep taken during the night feeds (otheriwse I really could lose my mind), give Knox some attention without having to juggle too much else and so that I can get in a couple of minutes to squeeze in some work too.  Sometimes when the girls are away, I meet up with a couple of my friends who have also just had their gorgeous kiddo’s and we have what we affectionately call a “milky party”.  We chat, drink coffee, eat chocolate, feed our babies and just chill for a bit together.  I can’t even explain in words how important these times are to me.  I need social interaction and even more so with like minded people going through the same thing as me.  If only I had had this when I was on leave with Kyla.

Here are some pictures of our little get togethers…  Because of how hectic our lives often are, we can’t all make it every time, so the first lot of pictures are gorgeous Inez, Alice and Knox (and Sadie but I didn’t get a picture) and then just Alice and Knox.





As you can see Knox really enjoys being surrounded by girls all the time.  And being put down so his Mommy can take pictures…





3 thoughts on “I’m Going To Miss This

    • That is so nice that you didn’t have to go back. I am really dreading it, although some “peace” during the day would be welcome 😉 Being a stay at home mommy is hard work.

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