Elijah’s Cars Themed Birthday Party

We had the privilege of attending Elijah’s 2nd birthday party 2 weekends ago (shows you how behind I am on posting).  And despite Elijah having a raging ear infection and other more painful problems that I won’t go into, he seemed to really enjoy the party that his wonder Mom put together at almost 9 months pregnant!

Thank you for having us to share this special time with you all!  Oh and sorry that my camera battery died just after E blew out his candles.  :/  (I’m clearly not one for forward planning, or any planning at all really.)



The cars cake



The wonder Mommy




Little Sam who is about 2 weeks younger than Knox



The birthday boy eating cheese curls with a fork





One thought on “Elijah’s Cars Themed Birthday Party

  1. Lol, your post beat mine! Mine’s only going up on Friday or something… Lols! Thanks, I’m no wonder mommy, Chris gets a whole load of the credit! Thanks for coming and for taking purty pictures 🙂 No worries about the battery, I can see my camera battery dying when Naomi is born…

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