Rhodes Memorial On A Hot Saturday

Summer is no joke here.  It’s flipping hot and it’s glorious!  This is the weather of champions.  It brings with it all the wonderful things like braai’s, cold drinks on hot nights, pool side fun and the desire to go out and experience what Cape Town has to offer.  It also brings with it Christmas Beetles, cockroachs, gecko’s and mosquito’s…  But we won’t go into that…

We went to Rhode’s Memorial a couple of weeks back.  It was a lovely time of bonding and exploring.  I’m limited in time nowadays with having to dedicate more of my very limited free time to working, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this one.



Kids viewing a very intimidating mole snake…  Needless to say Seth was no where in sight.




Practising some love…  Or wrestling moves…  I can’t quite figure out which.





We were being ballerina statues…  Cos those would have totally been there…




Knox was there too…





A precious moment caught on camera.  Deep in conversation about their surroundings.


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