Fun In The Sun

There is nothing like Summer in Cape Town.  It’s so lovely here!  Well it has been, but the wind last night and this morning is making me think I can’t take the kids out – just in case they blow away!

When my brother and I were growing up we had a pink bath that my parents dug into the ground in the back garden, that was how we cooled down on many a Summer’s day.  But you couldn’t really learn to swim in it, or swim in it at all for that matter.  We upgraded to one of those big round plastic pools when we were in junior school, but by then I was already a bit afraid of the water.  I am so grateful that my girls have the opportunity to swim and play in the big pool at their grandparents and that Seth is so keen to jump in and play with them – at least one parent should be.

They spend many an early morning or late afternoon soaking up the sun (with mountains of sun block on).  Although they only make it onto the first step for the moment, they love just messing around and pouring the water into different jugs.

I realise that most of these pictures just show their hats, but I love how cute it looks.



Playing together so nicely (for those few minutes)

This picture below is only to show how much more tanned my kids are than I am.  Jealous doesn’t even begin to describe it!







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