Alone In The Park

One of my new little ways of spending time with the girls is to leave Knox with Seth’s Mom and then take them to the park for a quick run around and play together.  They love it.  And so do I.  They often ask me, “Knocky stay wid Ga?  We go park?”  It’s nice to have a bit of a “break” to be able to run around and enjoy nature without stressing about sun/wind etc that might affect Knox, so we do it quite regularly.

It’s also nice to get a chance to show them all the cool things that I used to do when I was little.  This particular day was very windy and full of new adventures.  Like blowing dandelion seeds…


4 thoughts on “Alone In The Park

  1. Glad you’re getting time with just the girls. some people forget how important it is to teach simple things like blowing on dandelions. my girl just discovered them, now we can never find enough of them!

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