Internetlessness Sucks

Do you remember that storm this past Monday that everyone was so chuffed with?  You know, the one where everyone was all over Facebook and Twitter telling us how amazing it was and how it made their day…  Well, besides it making me almost poop my pants, it managed to fry our internet lines when it hit our house .  Great I know.  And yes it must have hit our house because everything started buzzing, plus when the thunder went of seconds later the dogs almost did a back flip, ran on the spot, dived down and tried to sit all in one swift motion – it was the highlight of my night.

So although I was on a roll, pumping out blog posts everyday the flipping lightening killed my buzz…  See what I did there…

But we are back!

While we were gone you must have missed looking at random pictures of how gorgeous my children are – I know I did.  Let me entertain you with some lovely ones of my boy who is 7 weeks old!  Can you flipping believe it!

3 thoughts on “Internetlessness Sucks

  1. I can’t believe the house starting buzzing!! I would have totally freaked out. I must say, I love the lightning and thunder – yes, Marko and i were sitting outside enjoying the show – but seriously, that would have ended my fascination right there!!! My word!!!

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