Our Week From Hell – With Just A Little Bit Of Hope

There’s no use in sugar coating it.  This week sucked.  I’m so over saying that our kids are sick but unfortunately it is very true again.

Kyla is suffering with an ear and throat infection.  In any other child they would probably present with a fever of a good old 38, maybe 39, but Kyla has mastered the art of reaching a debilitating 40 degrees and more.  This time around the meds that we give her every 3 hours hardly even seemed to make a difference except to lower the temp to 38 instead.  She is now on another round of antibiotics which are not agreeing with her tummy, so the probiotics have come out in full force too, thankfully she loves to take medicine.  My poor lamb chop.  She really has not been herself, except that she still manages to vomit on cue.

Riya has had the worst nappy rash that I have ever seen, due to some seriously acidic nappies which I think are from another new tooth.  We’ve had to give her meds to stop the acidity and frequency, but thankfully it is starting to get a bit better now.  She could hardly sit down at one point.  And now to top it off she has started with a fever today too!

Knox had his injections on Tuesday morning which he coped with relatively well.  The problem is that he is still quite yellow and at 7 weeks they are concerned that the cause is not breast milk jaundice, but rather an internal problem.  The result is that they want to take a blood test just in case.  With the girls being so sick I have not yet been able to take him for this blood test, but I am really not wanting to put the little man through such a horrible thing – so I am praying like crazy that it clears.

Basically the nights are long and the days are hard.  We hardly get any sleep at night with feeding Knox and then having 2 other little visitors in our bed pretty much every night.  It’s been rough to say the least.

BUT I must thank the coffee gods for Tribe coffee.  It is the only thing getting me through everyday at the moment (well that and my awesome family support).  I stumbled onto Tribe Coffee the other day when our dear friend DD popped in for a visit and brought us some.  It’s really great and although I most often drink the decaf, it’s so good that my body still feels like I’ve got new energy.  Plus I don’t have to take sugar in it which helps my waistline loads (because seriously, who puts on weight AFTER the baby?!  I know right!  I have to have a chat to my body.)

So that’s us in a nutshell.  Thankfully things seem to be getting a little bit better and hopefully the rest of the weekend will be a lot more positive.

Have a great weekend peeps!

3 thoughts on “Our Week From Hell – With Just A Little Bit Of Hope

  1. Yip that seems to be the way the cooky crumbles some times. I think everyone has one of “those weeks” where it is one thing on top of another and everything seems to be falling apart.

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