Kyla’s Painting – Time For A Touch Up

So, when Kyla was 2 I sent Seth out to buy her a canvas and 2 different colour paints.  He came back with a MASSIVE canvas which Kyla adored painting.  Now that it’s time for her to do her 3 year old painting we were faced with a problem…  If we keep doing canvases where on Earth are we going to put them all?!  Let’s face it, our little housie only has a limited amount of wall space…

While I was mulling over how we could get around this whole thing it occurred to me that she could just add to what she already has and build it up over the years.  I adore abstract art, and now seeing how the kids create little things with the paint that they aren’t even aware of yet excites me.  This is the perfect way for them to keep exploring and growing the painting every year, keeping it alive and different.  The idea is that every year from now she will keep adding different mediums to the painting as follows:

  • 2 Years – 2 acrylic paint colours of their choice and a thick brush.
  • 3 Years – 2 more acrylic paint colours (of her own choice) but a smaller brush – because although she can draw flowers, houses and balloons she much prefers to slap paint onto the canvas like crazy.
  • 4 Years –  Embellishing it with buttons, glitter etc
  • 5 Years – Using various stamps
  • 6 Years – Using pastels to start to find pictures within the picture

After that I’m kind of at a loss, only because my brain can’t think of anything else to use that’s different?  Will khoki’s even work over all that stuff?  Thoughts appreciated…

But back to the 3 year old painting!  This is the “before we let her loose on it” picture…

Kyla chose to use a bright yellow and a very light pink…

However she kept mixing the colours together so the light pink was kind of useless in it all and so we let her use a bit of Riya’s blue.

The 3 year old and her masterpiece!

7 thoughts on “Kyla’s Painting – Time For A Touch Up

  1. Great Idea for spanning it over the years. Perhaps you can do smaller canvases, to go alongside it, handprint canvases for each year, they can paint the background and you choose a bolder colour to do a handprint once they have finished. Or even cushion covers…that way you end up with a crazy bunch of scatter cushions. I have a massive sheet of paper that Lily did a painting for me on last Christmas overseas that was a surprise, they added a little handprint canvas to it…most special gift in the world!!!!

  2. What a brilliant idea! I wish I’d read your blog two years ago… ok… maybe I wish your daughter was two years older… whatever… I wish I’d thought of letting the Bunny loose on a canvas two years ago…

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